Do you have high regard for your own wellbeing and happiness? If the answer is no, that's ok, many of us struggle to put ourselves first or to give ourselves the love and attention we truly deserve. A lot of us have fallen into working 24/7 and burning ourselves out physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. If like me you take pleasure in loving yourself (which hasn't always been the case) then this guide is still for you.

I have been incorporating a few simple steps into my weekly and daily rituals. All images are shoppable.

1. Cacao Ceremonies (the food of the Gods)

This is my favorite practice whether in ceremony or as part of my daily individual ritual, “The food of the Gods”(Cacao) is a truly transformative medicine. I started educating myself more on this plant medicine this year whilst deepening my practices and going full throttle into my spiritual journey. I incorporate Cacao by adding it into my daily nighttime meditation rituals. I have been truly amazed at its power to bring clarity, creativity, health, and deep relaxation and I’m sure others will be able to tell you other amazing benefits they have experienced individually. I don’t ever want to be without this medicine, I believe I was called to it. Have you tried this super plant medicine? if you haven't I strongly encourage you to explore it, When sourced thoughtfully, prepared ceremonially, and enjoyed with intention, cacao is a potent energetic medicine. I am in the mists of trialing different brands of Cacao to find a connection but also as part of a passion project.

2. Yoga & Movement

Expression through movement and connecting with my body is something that I am continuously developing. Being someone who hasn’t always had a healthy relationship with their body, learning to love the skin that I am in is both challenging and rewarding. You can move your body however you feel comfortable, whether that be through yoga, dance, tai chi just allow your body to flow and gather all that good energy needed for your mind, body, and soul. I don't claim to be an expert at anything when it comes to moving my body but you don't have to seek perfection when it comes to movement, listen to your body and flow with it. If you're not comfortable doing this on your own, join classes or watch Youtube, which has been helping me a ton in the last year, I also have an amazing yoga deck that comes in handy when I need a bit of inspiration.

3. Setting the mood

I am a huge fan of setting the mood in my space with incense and candles and clearing out any negative energy or vibrations with sage. When it comes to scents what really immerses me is really dark, masculine type scents, it just takes me to another place, it reminds me of bonfires on the beach or log fires in the winter and that just sets my soul on fire, no pun intended. Have you ever tried to meditate but you can't focus because you know the house is just a mess!? I can't cope with that sis! lol, Your surroundings really do play a part in your mental and emotional state. I've recently invested in some incense and sage and I'm so excited to receive them, its the small things in life. If you like dark moody scents I recommend the teakwood and Tobacco soy candle.

4. Journaling

I have always been a person who likes to write down feelings and emotions as a form of release or as a form of gratitude. Journaling allows me to mentally remember what I need to be thankful for or what no longer aligns, it allows me to pay attention to the small things that are impacting me whether that be positively or negatively. I love my calm the chaos journal as it addresses so many aspects of who you are and forces you to dig a little deeper and prompts you to answer certain things you may not have asked yourself before, like, " what is one good thing you've done for another human today?'. Even just holding space for someone via text is a good gesture, it doesn't always have to be something huge, just small and mighty.

5. Reading (yep that simple)

Reading is a must! As mentioned before my relationship with my body hasn’t always been the best and I’m slowly beginning to embrace my imperfections and what makes me Cherelle and trust me when I say it is slow, God didn’t make any mistakes, this was supposed to be my design and this was supposed to be my journey with myself. I believe that if I didn't go through the trials and tribulations with my body, I wouldn't be here today discovering the wonders of mother nature and her natural resources that are helping to shape the spiritual being I am today. Reading allows for mind expansion, many times for me it has been thought-provoking and immersive. I am currently reading 'The gifts of imperfection' the title resonated with me instantly.

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