I've been to many a spa's in my time, in London, in Bali, you name it, I love some R&R. Bali is hands down one of the best spa's experiences I've ever had, everything well thought out from start to finish and it will probably stay number one on my list for now, but never did I think in the heart of Toronto that I would have a spa experience that follows a close second.

Hammam Spa by Cela is one of Toronto's top-rated spa experiences and it is just that, an experience!!! From the moment I walked in, I was instantly transported out of Toronto and into, what felt like a modern-day Arabic bathhouse, it caught me by surprise in a very positive way. The architecture and the interior were beautifully thought out and were so immersive, I would go as far as to say it was quite spiritual and I really appreciated the experience they paved for their customers.

Hammam Spa by Cela has a wide range of treatments from skin, to body, to nails, you can really do your self-love ritual all under one roof. I opted for the 'Cela seed to skin ritual' which is one of the signature treatments and was highly recommended. It began with a 15 minute steam in the most beautiful steam room with the strong scent of essential oils to relax and prep you. This is what they have to say about the 'Cela seed to skin ritual' on their website. "Nourish your skin and spirit with the finest Canadian botanicals and natural ingredients. Begin your deep-cleansing ritual wrapped in a fragrant cloud of mandarin and jasmine bubbles, then enjoy gentle exfoliation with finely-milled seeds and Abyssinian oil. Lift your spirits with an essential oil inhalation; sink into deep relaxation as a technician works with the pressure points on your head, neck, and shoulders; and finish your journey with a full-body cream application for supremely soft skin". The treatment costs $165 (CAD) for 60 minutes, whilst some may see this as expensive, I think it's very justifiable.

I do want to be transparent and make it clear that this was a very generous PR experience, however, I loved it so much I booked my husband in two days after as a paying customer and that doesn't happen very often, but I needed him to understand what the hype was all about and of course as I thought he was blown away.

The treatment itself was just magical from start to finish, my therapist was amazing and informative throughout the treatment and we had lots of laughs. The treatment felt very ceremonial and like an ancient ritual, it held quite a lot of power for me personally, but you know me, I try to think of everything on a much deeper level especially when its part of my self-love regime, I like to connect and be present and the treatment and atmosphere allowed me to fully do this.

(pictured above: nail area)

I believe when it is not Covid, you also have the option of ordering in lunch which I so would have done but due to all the rules and regulations in place at the moment it wasn't possible but it definitely did not take away from anything, just make sure to fuel up before you go or after.

Everything is provided for you, robes, slippers, towels, water, you name it, I would suggest bringing your own bikini, I stupidly forgot mine and resorted to sexy paper underwear lol. The changing rooms are fully equipped with showers, hairdryers, and products unless you are very specific in regards to products and materials, etc, I would say pack very light.

(pictured above: Tea Lounge)

Overall, I give Hammam spa by Cela a 10 out of 10 and I do want to try and go as often as possible because I honestly just loved it and there are so many treatments I want to try. This spa has truly raised the bar for me, I no longer just want a massage in a white room on a massage bed, I want to feel something, experience something, have my spirit and soul be elevated, and feel a deep sense of luxury.

To find out more head over to their website here

What are your spa recommendations?