I have been guilty in the past of not supporting my own people enough, I was so unconscious of how much I was NOT doing for the black community but for many of us 2020 was a pivotal time in history and the turning point we all needed. It has been so incredible to see black businesses small and big rise. It has felt so good watching the success of the black community. I am continuing to make conscious decisions when it comes to the brand I buy from and the brands I support.

I have put together a list of the black-owned brands that I have been loving and are tried and tested.


I actually knew about this beautiful brand during a modeling shoot many years ago and the beautiful owner Fisayo Longe styled me for a makeup campaign so I was so excited when we collaborated again on the release of her very popular Gaia dress. Kai was established in 2016 and is a London based attainable luxury womenswear fashion line. What I can say about Kai is that it is unique and you will not find anything like these pieces on the market. Fisayo goes above and beyond to source the most gorgeous fabrics. I am literally gagging to buy another piece lol, the Gaia dress made me feel so badass.


Kiya contacted me to join their PR list and I instantly said yes. I love Kiya's natural approach to their products so it really attracted me. I'm all about clean beauty brands. For a very young brand only founded in September 2019, Kiya is blowing up and is currently stocked in urban outfitters which Is huge. Kiya was founded by Kay Amoah, a mother and hair guru. It's hard to choose a favorite product in the range but if you want to start your collection with Kiya I highly recommend investing in the Leave-in conditioner, Sweet nourishing oil, and hair growth oil. I have just started their skincare range and I can not wait to reap the rewards.


I was never a huge jewelry wearer until I discovered Arlokea and now I am just obsessed with delicate and simple jewelry. I discovered Arlokea through Instagram and knew I wanted to work with them, there was something about their story and values that really stood out to me as a brand. Arlokea is ethically sourced which is a bonus for me as I try to make more conscious decisions with the fashion I wear. What I also love about Arlokea is that they don't have huge collections but instead have strong pieces to chose from, you can really tell a lot of thought has gone into designing the pieces.


Canadian Brand Poro Cosmetics is the dark horse when it comes to makeup brands that cater to women of color. With a small but incredible lip range, Poro cosmetics is my go-to when it comes to a nude or bold red lip. I love the fact that this is a non-gimmicky brand and that they have focused on perfecting their formulas and longevity. Looking forward to seeing this brand expand.

shade: Betty Boo

I have a long list of black-owned brands that I can not wait to purchase from. What are your favorite black-owned brands?