Plot twist! I didn't. At the very last minute I crumbled, knowing my family in the UK will be entering tier 4 and that Canada will be going on an extended lockdown with heavier restrictions, because it wasn't heavy enough!

Being someone who suffers with severe anxiety, I've really tried my best to keep my mind calm through these unprecedented times especially for my daughter, but let's be honest there's only so much one person can take.

So by now if you didn't know, 2020 was very bitter sweet for me, myself and my husband moved from London to Canada and I gave birth to our daughter Zuri-Rose. 2020 flew by and by the time Christmas came round we were sure we would've seen our family at least twice in 2020. Having the family around Zuri as much as possible as she grows up is super important to me and my husband, we could've never predicted the outcome but we thank god for facetime.

I love a pamper and it's an opportunity for some me time to gather my thoughts and relax but with salons closed this has not been an option for me either (third world problems I know!) so you can imagine how grouchy I must of got, lol.

I done some serious character building in 2020, most of all I got the greatest job in the world, becoming a mother, I would hate to think where I would be mentally if I didn't get this gift.

On a more positive note, I was on my grind in 2020, I connected and worked with some great brands and laid the foundation for a great project.

I want to be optimistic about 2021 and be prepared for anything that could get thrown our way. Taking pride in my brand and focusing on building it was probably the best thing I could've done for myself, I feel positive that 2021 will bring more great opportunities.