On the 4th of March 2021 at 11:50 pm, a sudden urge came over me to spring clean my wardrobe, it was emotional (yes I even shed a few tears) and liberating because it had nothing to do with just getting rid of clothes because they no longer fit me or because they were no longer trendy but it held so much more significance. As I continue to flow onto my spiritual path, I'm beginning to learn so much about myself and I'm feeling exhilarated that I'm embodying the divine woman I've always been but haven't always allowed to be free, part of this journey is about shedding those layers that bind me, it's like wearing a straight jacket then finally breaking free, what a relief that must be right?

So why was it such an emotional experience? I realised a lot of my clothes held no purpose and by that I mean they no longer served me, they held memories of seeking validation from others, memories of abusing my body with weight loss pills and steroids, memories of a woman who appeared sexy online but in fact, was so out of touch with her sexuality, clothes that were not even a representation of my individual style but probably someone else's and memories of a human being I no longer want to embody. I am forever evolving and forever reinventing myself but this woman I am becoming now I have no intention of reinventing because, well, I am loving on her, she's great, she's awesome, she's authentic.

I've been diving deep into my spiritual practices lately, really trying to get to the root of anything that may need addressing, I'm so ready to step into my power and to allow my full goddess to evolve.

Along with decluttering, I thought it was also time to declutter what I view on social media, especially Instagram, let Instagram know what you are not interested in seeing on your explore page, mute those profiles that make your thoughts go to a negative place, it's a small change with a mighty impact and I'm so much happier actually seeing things that I'm genuinely interested in.

Decluttering is a form of self-love and self-care, it brings clarity, focus improves your health, happiness, and well-being. How amazing does it feel when you've cleaned your home, mopped the floors, changed the bedsheets, washed the dishes, lit the candles, and sprayed your fav home fragrance, it feels good right!? you feel distressed and like you ready to take on anything.

I'm seeing so many women stepping into their purpose, their power, their voice, owning their shit, releasing what no longer aligns, becoming full-blown spiritual fucking goddesses and it honestly gives me butterflies because we are about to rise like a force from Mother Earth baby, my friend Lara said "it's the rise of the witches" lol, yasss mam! I am loving it, there is a massive shift happening, can you feel it?

I read something the other day that said "when we remove the things that distract us in life, we create space to question what we value" and I couldn't agree more, I so needed that declutter to help me to begin to reach the deepest depths of my purpose. The small changes I have already made have already allowed me to grow that little bit more spiritually, I've had to really look within and question everything that needed answers.

I have begun my next phase of decluttering and that's decluttering my body, what am I consuming? will it allow me to raise my vibrations, to be healthier, to have strength, to live longer, to have more energy. Now, this phase is a little harder because it's about breaking years and years of habits. Currently, I'm enjoying the process of introducing more healthy foods into my day, current obsession, GRAPEFRUITS!

How are you decluttering?