I've got the survival kit you need to get your immune system through the next few months of winter and beyond. Now more than ever we need to have a strong focus on how we can give our bodies the nourishment and fuel it needs to strengthen and fight off disease. We are living in times where many are ready to take back power over their bodies and are saying “NO! I will not comply”, I am with you and if you are with me then this survival kit is most definitely for you. In the words of my dear friend Lara, "whatever you choose to do with your body make sure it's a full-bodied FUCK YES!" I challenge you to ask yourself what the saying "my body is a temple" means to you?

I am not a doctor and I am not claiming this will work for everyone although I'd be extremely surprised if it didn't. I am sharing what personal steps I take to try and feel my best and boost immunity.


Before I dive into this one please make sure you consult with a doctor. This step may not resonate with you and believe me when I say as someone that loves food (like seriously lol) it certainly did not resonate with me. Do a water fast with a daily at-home enema for 5-7 days, I know your probably thinking, hell no! but hear me out, to be in the space of wanting optimum health for yourself I believe everything needs to be in harmony and what this process did for my mind on a mental, emotional and spiritual level was out of this world. I believe the process of flushing out toxins is so vital and this alone will have a huge effect on boosting your immune system. I want this blog post to be detailed but I don't want it to drag so I have included a link to the retreat I visited but also one of my favourite YouTuber's videos that will bring you on a personal journey. Thank me later for the powerful mind shifts and emotional releases that will come along with this practice.

Sura Detox retreat

How to do a 7-day water fast


Yes, I know! what a cliche subheading but nobody can deny facts! We have seen the impact being malnourished has on people that live in poverty, weakness, increased risk of disease are just some of the negative side effects of not getting the right nourishment. A healthy diet protects us against diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I sit here writing this whilst desperately trying to get myself out of the pre-diabetic zone. below are some foods that I am currently incorporating into my life that will flood your body with goodness.

Citrus fruits- lemons, oranges and grapefruit (my fav) are high in vitamin C. Vitamin C increases your white blood cells which are said to be the key to fighting off infection. Because the body doesn't produce or store this vital vitamin we must make sure we are getting our daily dose for continued health. Of course, the internet is there to provide us with the recommended daily dosage but I don't believe in one size fits all, ask your doctor for a full blood test to see your individual needs, you could need more or less than what is recommended.

Spinach- A must-have leafy green also high in vitamin C and K, beta carotene, iron, potassium and so many other incredible nutrients. I enjoy my spinach cooked lightly with scrambled eggs or in a watermelon salad.

Almonds- I'm not a huge lover of nuts but I will have almonds on top of my yoghurt or just as a quick snack. Almonds are full of vitamins that allow oxygen and nutrition to flow through our bodies more freely. Almonds are also said to lower cholesterol and build strong healthy bones.

Garlic- Many sleep on garlic's powerful immune-boosting properties. Found in many foods all over the world it is likely you are getting a small dose of goodness but to get its full potential try to eat it raw or let it marinate in hot water with ginger, lemon and manuka honey and have it a few times a week. The health benefits of Garlic have been recognised for centuries and I know from being an island girl it is used heavily in times of sickness. Garlic contains so many vitamins and nutrients but one I would like to point out is selenium. Selenium is good for thyroid health, immune health, protection against heart disease and certain cancers.

Berries- Everyone knows that berries are full of antioxidants whether it be blueberries, raspberries or strawberries. The various berries have slightly different qualities but overall it's a must-have addition to your diet. I would opt for fresh berries over frozen, rumour has it that the frozen berries contain more sugar.


Many of us have busy lives, (lol, I can hear some of you saying 'that's a fucking understatement love") we aren't always able to get our daily intake of vitamins from our food due to time, health conditions and other life factors. Personally, regardless of diet, I make sure I take supplements daily because that's what's best for me, as mentioned before find out how much your body needs. Below is a list of some of the supplements I currently take.

Vitamin C - I am working on eating more fruit daily but I can't say I've quite mastered the 5 a day rule. As much as I love my fruit, I still have that little man in my ear saying it contains too much sugar, go away!!!!. With all that being said I make sure I have my dissolvable Vitamin C tablets, the yummy orange flavour encourages me to take it daily.

Omega 3 - A fish oil supplement, full of good for you fatty acids. Omega 3 lowers blood pressure, reduces the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke, gets rid of excess fat from the liver, reduces inflammation and symptoms of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety and the list goes on.

Iron - ladies, ladies, ladies stay on top of your iron intake and men too. Iron is a very important mineral that our body heavily relies on for growth and development. Iron deficiency can lead to fatigue, weakness, dry hair and brittle nails, skin issues, headaches, dizziness, unusual cravings and poor appetite, a recipe for fucking disaster if you ask me, been there, done that got the minus C on my dissertation.

Magnesium - Magnesium has a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits, it has benefits against type 2 diabetes as well as helping to regulate your nervous system. I tend to take it at night as it allows me to get a good nights sleep.

Vitamin D - I am a woman of the sun and I live in Canada where we have long winters and short but very incredible summers. I'm usually a woman full of adventure but I hate to point out the obvious but I have not left the country for 2 years! and so this supplement in very very high doses is a must for me. Vit D has a plethora of benefits from supporting lung function to cardiovascular health to regulating insulin levels.

Other supplements that deserve a mention are Monoatomic Gold Ormus, Selenium, Vitamin B12 and a daily probiotic.


Essentially a lot of the food that I mentioned earlier could also fall under this category but I wanted to dedicate this section to herbs, plant medicines and ways to connect with Mother Earth. A fun fact you may not know about me is that I have been studying herbalism. I have always had a high interest in all things wellness and spirituality, which stemmed from the turbulent relationship I've had with my body and then having the last few years of lockdowns amplify where I want to take my career and how I'm going to help heal the world.

I have spoken about my love for Ceremonial Grade Cacao on my social platforms and I'm sure it has had a few mentions on my blog too. Cacao has helped facilitate the deepening of my meditation practice, it has helped my mind and body become more receptive to all forms of connection and creativity. This powerful plant medicine is usually intentionally sourced among the wild, tall, green jungles of South America and is usually processed with high frequencies of love. Cacao is an excellent source of Iron, Protein, Magnesium, Potassium and Fibre. Head to YouTube if you want to dive deep and uncover the real layers of this magnificent medicine, there are many videos surrounding its origin, history and ceremonies.

Matcha Powder - My Insta bio says match obsessed for a reason. I actually had to stop buying this for a while because I was having 3-4 cups a day and too much of anything is never good, however when taken sensibly matcha is probably the best natural alternative to coffee along with other benefits. Matcha is an ancient staple in Japanese medicine. When sourcing this make sure it is pure and keep in mind that is only native to Japan so anything other than that will probably not contain what you need to reap the rewards. The production process of this plant medicine is said to be very complex. Some of the benefits include anti-ageing benefits, calms the nerves, aids in memory and concentration, boosts energy and endurance and is said to get rid of heavy metals and toxins out of the body.

Other herbs also include Chaga Mushroom, ginger, spearmint, dandelion, black seed oil and moringa.

I could honestly keep writing guys but I wanted to make a point of only including what I currently use or have previously used. I alternate foods, supplements and herbs a lot just to make sure I'm getting a good balance.

What supplements are you taking?