I don't share much when it comes to my husband but I want to change that because I am honestly proud of us and we have a great story to share. We have been together since we were 16 (yep, childhood sweethearts) I would say on and off but to be honest the off's were so stupid and so short lol, you know those teenage arguments before the bills and the baby arrived. We have overcome so much and here we are married and parents, of course we are always working on our marriage and building together. Even after 16 years I feel a much stronger bond with Chris, I feel like our love has been renewed so I wanted to share our tips on how we keep the fire alive in our relationship.


We have been travelling together since we were 17 in fact it wasn't until our late late 20's that I went on a girls trip and Chris went on a boy's trip. Our first trip was Disneyland Paris, Chris surprised me for my birthday and our first long haul holiday was to Egypt. We have been blessed enough to have travelled to many parts of the world and it's something we cherish and try do to together at least once a year. having the opportunity to experience culture together is amazing, sometimes it allows you to really cherish and appreciate what you have.


Such a basic but powerful ritual to do together. Before baby arrived we would have a shower together almost every morning, we are slowly getting back into it, it just doesn't always happen in the morning these days but more when Zuri says we can. There is something so freeing about being confident and care free with your significant other, seeing past the physical whilst still enjoying the physical.


Staying healthy together is so bomb and sexy. There is nothing like a good workout challenge with bae, motivate and push each other or play survival of the fittest, most times Chris is laid out on the floor out of breath. We love healthy competition in our marriage, not only does it keep us on top of our game as partners but it helps to keep us striving as individuals.Our favourite type of exercise are hikes, it's an opportunity for some fresh air and nature and an opportunity to talk to one another without distractions.


Being creatives there is not much planning that goes into our lives unless it's something serious of course. We like doing things on a whim like getting in the car and driving down the roads of the rich planning what sort of home we would like to live in one day or having a picnic in the park, or a spa day, it can be anything that you both love doing together, next time don't plan it weeks in advance just go tomorrow or how about right now!


Whilst this may seem obvious, it's so much more than sex.Intimacy can be in the form of showers together like we love, giving each other massages, having dinner and a glass of wine whilst watching a movie even cooking together can be a form of intimacy. Intimacy is all about closeness, connection, creating memories and moments that will continue to strengthen your foundation. What do you do for intimacy outside of sex?

I'd love to know in the comments what keeps your relationship alive, let's share don't be shy.