With so many baby products on the market, it’s hard to know what’s truly actually needed and what products are going to be worthwhile throughout your motherhood journey. I have put together 6 of my favorite products to get you to start navigating motherhood safely and efficiently.

NO. 1

BabyDink Organic Baby Carrier

There are so many baby wraps and carriers on the market and before receiving my babydink wraps, I received a few from other brands and I struggled with every single one. Motherhood is hard enough and the last thing I want to have to deal with is fussy baby products that take up too much of my time that’s why I truly love my babydinks (yes I have more than one), it does exactly what it says it does, not to mention the incredible quality, customer service and shipping time. I never thought babywearing could be this comfortable, my baby girl loves it too and as a mother, it puts me at ease that she’s safe and secure. Discount code CHERELLE15.

Check out Babydink in British Vogue in February 2021 issue, such a proud moment.

NO. 2

Mini Quoddle Bottles

Can I just mention that my husband broke one of these and it literally bought a tear to my eye, lol. These are some sleek ass bottles, I avoid using any other bottles in the house because I just love these so much. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing it's high quality, the teats are softer than silicone and baby Zuri loves it, luckily for me Zuri takes to both breastfeeding and bottle feeding and I truly believe it’s because she can barely tell the difference.

NO. 3

Safe + Smart Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer

Exactly what it says above, Safe and Smart. This item had to make the Top 5. This product is the definition of quick and efficient. I can prepare milk in bulk pop it in the fridge knowing that I can warm it up in less than 5 minutes at a perfect temperature for Zuri to consume immediately, and did I mention I can operate this all from my phone, YEP! Gone are the old school days of boiling water on the stove.

NO. 4

Bravado Ballet Nursing Bra

Ok, so not so much for baby but it can definitely make feeding an easier process. Whether or not your breastfeeding, comfort is key when it comes to your postpartum journey and my bra’s of choice throughout my pregnancy and postpartum was Bravado. I discovered the brand when I first moved to Canada and turns out I was late to the party. Bravado are the pioneers when it comes to bra’s that will take you through motherhood. To be honest I can’t just choose one style as every style in the range has worked for me. The quality and fit are incredible and they wash really well.

NO. 5

Winter Baby Car Seat Cover – Ebony Eco

Yes Yes Yes! To this product. Mama’s and Papa’s if you live in colder climates this is for you. I worry so much about keeping my baby warm especially in this Canadian weather and this product gives me peace of mind. I am also well jel because I want this in adult size, it’s so toasty in there. Discount code KOKO15.


Anex Baby Stroller

The strollers of all strollers. I can not cope with how incredibly sleek and stylish this stroller is. This is a new generation of strollers. We get so many compliments when we go out with this. Natural-looking Eco-leather in the most bomb shade of caramel just suits me and Chris's style to the T. This stroller will take you way beyond 6 months as its interchangeable. I could honestly go on and on about this stroller but Ill just let the picture do the talking.