I have been blessed enough to receive ALOT! of skincare products from some of the world's most renowned brands over the past couple of months. For those that don't know as content creators brands often send out new launches (not always a new launch, sometimes they send products as an introduction to the brand) in the form of PR packages. From previous posts, you would have seen that I am also a skincare junkie always looking for the next game-changing product to give me that youthful glow. I have always invested in my skin but I don't know if I have ever spent anything in the hundreds range on products but the past year and a half have seen my skincare cupboard have a real glow up and I'm so here for it.

I am in no way obligated to mention these brands and please note not all have been gifted, often if I don't like a product you won't hear me mention it again rather than give a negative review, we keep it positive around here always.


I have never used something this expensive on my face before lol! and wow is this an investment but a little goes a long way for sure I even wonder will this cream ever run out and with the hefty price tag you definitely want this to be lasting you until its shelf life is up. I wondered why they called this a balm! was it so heavy that it was going to clog my pores and not allow my skin to breathe? absolutely not, this cream is super rich and perfect for your nighttime skincare ritual not only that but it comes with a nocturnal cooling massage stone that is neatly hidden away in the gorgeous heavy gold packaging that I will definitely be keeping on my dressing table for aesthetics. I have suffered from severely dry skin over the past couple of months and I'm not claiming this has been the only product that has helped in this journey to plump and glowy skin but it has most definitely been top of the list of contributors.


On my no makeup days or the days where I want a super dewy base under my tinted moisturiser, this is my go-to. After being kindly gifted this product, I decided to invest in a second tub because sis, this cream is everything. 30ml lasted me 3 months and for the price ($255 CAD) I would say it's 100% worth it. This again is another product where a little goes a long way. Like all La Mer products, this moisturiser releases an elixir (miracle broth) that is instantly evident when you warm it on the tips of your fingers, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished and moisturised for the whole day.


There is a reason why this is a bestseller and I will never be without this product in my skincare regime, even if sometimes I do have a love affair with other products and stray I always always come back to my desert island product. I have been using this product for yearssss after my mum raved about its benefits. There is a saying that if you constantly use a product your skin becomes used to it and it will no longer be transforming for you and I do agree to an extent but this product has been nothing but amazing to me and helps in maintenance.

TIP: After cleansing use a warm flannel to open your pores and put this product on directly after.


Ok so not so luxury. A few months ago I suffered a breakout that got worse and worse and worse, I picked, I squeezed, I scrubbed and really compromised the barrier of my skin with retinol and peels, to simply put it I was doing way too much and not doing enough when it came to my nutrition. I asked myself when the breakouts were going to end and then I found this darkhorse, I didnt go off recommendations, in fact, it was the first time I had ever seen the brand but I was desperate looking for anything that would help my skin calm down, and so I read the brands claims and took a leap of faith and tried it and have never looked back. Although this isn't my everyday cleanser when I get breakouts, especially around my period, this is the cleanser I go to. It's natural and mild and inexpensive, definitely the most affordable on this list.


I won't act like I've been using these for months because it's only been 3 weeks and I usually do like to give products 4 weeks before making any claims but boy oh boy am I blown away so far with this duo. If your looking to bring the spa home these products will make you feel like you're having a professional treatment, the smell and texture are divine. I have never been so excited to do my skincare routine they truly make it a joyous experience. Did I mention this duo also comes with a muslin cloth, I've never used a muslin cloth on my face before and recently I did an Amazon order to make sure I always have a clean one at hand. 10 out of 10 do recommend.


My fear is that this product is no longer available, after looking on the website I can't seem to find it, fingers crossed it's just had a name change and it's not been discontinued.

I was lucky enough to model for Vivier after reaching out to them about receiving PR as so many of my creator friends raved about the brand, I got to choose some products I wanted to try and this product in particular along with the exfoliant scrub have been game-changers in my skin transformation journey. In a short space of time, I have seen significant changes in tone and texture. These are medical-grade products and I would definitely look into which products will best suit your skin concerns.