I have met a handful of incredible incredible women on this journey here in Canada, women who have made me feel welcomed and loved, women who are so powerful in their feminine, women who are inspiring through the work they do, Women who are making change, women who I will hold space for and women you should be following :-).

1. My Spirit Sister - ZAINAB BENSON

Through years of trauma, black women feel like they can't love one another, trust one another or even have honest communication with each other. One of my missions in life is to create more loving space for black women around me, making new meaningful and spiritual friendships with black women who are feeling the same emotions around the energy we have for one another. I contacted Zainab when I was really rooting up some trauma around this subject and we immediately connected, we were immediately honest with one another and I was so surprised that she had exactly the same thoughts and feelings around black friendships. Today we are in a space where we meditate together, hold each other accountable and hold space for each other to rant lol. I will forever be grateful I built up the courage to slide in your DM's lol.

2. The OG- Kayla Rocca

I mean trying to reach Kayla is definitely a hard task! lol, but if I were asked who made me feel most welcome? and most beautiful? and who made me feel like I'm that bitch? I would say, Kayla. This woman is the true definition of a human that empowers others through her work. Now I can admit I have had a very turbulent relationship with my pre-pregnancy body and there are days I hate it and days I embrace it but when I step in front of Kayla's camera every emotion I hold around my body disappears and I just live in that moment and that is an incredibly powerful trait to hold, not to mention she is fire!!! so beautiful inside and out. I hold a special place for you, Miss Rocca.

(Photo taken by Danijela Gorley)

3.Caribbean Spice- Stacey Martin

Stacey is the founder of the eco-conscious brand Stacey Martin Lifestyle. First of all, I love to see black women rising in business but a woman who is making a positive impact for the Earth!, that shit sexy! I got to shoot for Stacey's brand relaunch and I was incredibly honoured. Stacey really inspired me to keep going, to keep fighting for what I want. The quality of her brand and the dedication to her work is truly impeccable. Keep being amazing.

4. The Epitome of incredible- Sarah Nicole Landry

No introduction is needed to this magnificent woman, and boy what a woman she is. Sarah is the epitome of what it means to be unapologetically yourself, she is at the top of the list of women who truly do inspire. I came across her Instagram and got instant FUCK YES! body chills. Every time I see a post from Sarah or watch her stories, I spark up a little more courage to show myself in my wholeness. She is a fearless and remarkable human. Thank you for holding space for me in the DM's. Please continue to be EXACTLY who you are, and I promise I am actually going to come to Guelph soon, planning a shoot as we speak.

5. More than a teacher - Caitlin

lol! I feel like she is actually going to kill me for mentioning her, she doesn't like the spotlight so I won't put a photo or a link but she needs to know she is great. Caitlin, you are more than a teacher, you are a beautiful soul with amazing energy and I am so grateful for your smiles and laughs on the mornings of our sessions (that we need to get back to). I hope we can connect more this year, not just in class and not just on Instagram. Sending you all the love.

6. Skin Guru- Jo Auguste

I met Jo through recommendation after expressing I wanted some advice on skin and non-surgical treatments. Not only is Jo an insanely beautiful woman but she is very very educated when it comes to skin. I wanted to put Jo on this list because not only has she given me honest insight into my skin but I love the personal rapport she has built with me.

Head over to for all your skin needs.

7. Congratulations Mama- Brittnee Blair

I met Brittnee on a shoot and I was blown away by her beauty and her confidence, she is everything! The positive energy radiates out of this stunning human and I am so glad I got the opportunity to connect with you. Model and TV Host, this woman is making waves in Canada. Congratulations on the birth of your bubba, enjoy motherhood and I hope for lots of mama walks (you know I like to walk lol) and drinks in the summer.