As per Buddhist and Hindu philosophies, we have a focus of energy known as Chakra present in our bodies. When this energy flows through our bodies, it assists us in embracing happiness and serenity.

Though we believe that there are 114 Chakras present in our body, we have to prioritise seven of them. They play a crucial role in channeling the energy throughout our bodies. However, it happens when our Chakras are open or in a balanced state. When they face imbalances, it can affect our lives adversely.

Here, I will guide you through the seven Chakras in our bodies and their role in our personal and spiritual growth.

Root Chakra for grounding

Root Chakra is the starting point for all the other six Chakras. Located at the bottom of our spinal cord, Root Chakra offers us a sense of grounding. It can also help us overcome cynicism. Root Chakra has a close relationship with our mother, Earth. Thus, our bond with the environment plays a crucial role in maintaining our Root Chakra's health.

When we possess an open Root Chakra, we feel secure in our lives. But if we have an unhealthy lifestyle, it can cause the blockage of our Root Chakra. However, we can rejuvenate our Root Chakra by bringing changes to our day-to-day life. For instance, we can practice yoga poses like standing forward bent, garland pose, warrior II pose, etc. Along with that, we can include vegetables like beetroots and fruits like watermelons into our diets. These small steps could help revive our Root Chakra.

Sacral Chakra to enhance our creative and sexual life

Located in our lower abdomen, Sacral Chakra is the pivotal point of our sexual energy and creativity. When we have a balanced Sacral Chakra, our lives would be pleasurable. Here, we can also work on our imagination, desire, and sexuality. When our Sacral Chakra gets blocked, it can tamper with the energy flow in our body. It may lead to irregular menstrual cycles, emotional issues like pessimism, and other diseases in testicles, urinary bladder, etc.

We can regain our Sacral Chakra's balance by incorporating yoga poses like reverse warrior, seated forward bend, goddess pose into our routine. Other ways to revive the Sacral Chakra are music therapy, womb healing, connecting with water and repetition of affirmations, and bringing changes to our dietary habits can also be helpful.

Solar Plexus Chakra to stay focused!

Present in our belly or stomach region, Solar Plexus Chakra helps us move beyond the temporal realm of life. Its openness facilitates us with confidence, certainty and also assists us in staying focused. A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra can play a crucial role in our personal and spiritual growth.

However, the imbalance in the Chakra can lead to anxiety, obesity, diabetes, stress, etc. But we can always overcome these hurdles by bringing a few changes to our lifestyle. Meditation, along with visualisation, where we imagine a yellow flower is present on our stomach, can foster our Solar Plexus Chakra's health. We can also apply essential oils like Eucalyptus or lemon oil while we meditate.

Yoga poses like warrior pose, sun salutation, cow pose can also help us. As part of our journey to healthify our Solar Plexus Chakra, we can also connect with the sun.

Heart Chakra to focus on love!

Mmmm everything through Love, Kings, and Queens. Focusing on our love and building healthy relationships, the Heart Chakra also known as Anahata is present in the center of our chests, It assists us in transcending beyond the material aspects of life. When we have an open Heart Chakra, we tend to be in touch with our deepest feminine energies, we are empathetic, we seek to love and receive love abundantly.

When our Heart Chakra is blocked, it can affect our chest, lungs and even cause respiratory diseases. It can also pave the way for co-dependency.

We can overcome these issues and regain our Heart Chakra's health by using healing stones with vibrational love energy, open heart yoga practice, and connecting to our breath.

Throat Chakra for better communication

Throat Chakra, located in our throat, can enhance our communication skills. When we have a balanced Throat Chakra, we can convey our feelings and emotions with no fear. It also helps us in making the right choices.

An imbalance in our Throat Chakra can cause loneliness, miscommunication, and even hyperthyroidism. We can overcome these problems by practicing yoga poses like shoulder stand and bridge pose.

Meditating by wrapping our hands around our throat and focusing on our breath, being open to reiki healing sessions, and doing simple neck stretches.

Third Eye Chakra to enrich awareness

The Third Eye Chakra is the seat of our intuitions and perceptions. It can keep us innovative and help us in decision-making. A person with a balanced Third Eye Chakra will follow a disciplined and insightful life. It gives us the ability to see beyond the present moment.

When there is a blockage in our Third Eye Chakra, it can lead to headaches, memory loss and also affect our creativity. We can regain its balance by meditating with crystals, sound healing, and tapping.

Yoga asanas like child pose, eagle pose, and shoulder stand can also help revive our Third Eye Chakra.

Crown Chakra for our spiritual growth

Located above our head, Crown Chakra is the seat that facilitates our spiritual bonding and furnishes us with happiness. With an open Crown Chakra, our days become pleasant.

However, when there is an imbalance in our Crown Chakra, it causes dullness, restlessness, greed, and other problems. We have to take the initiative to bring balance to our Crown. Placing your hands on your crown whilst chanting positive affirmations is just one way to bring balance to our crowns. They say visualizing a violet lotus unfolding on your crown is super powerful. Other quick and simple ways to balance the crown chakra are by reading and journaling.

When we have open and balanced Chakras, it helps us to transcend beyond the material realms. We can attain personal and spiritual growth on levels that we didn't think were possible.

So, why not take a step towards a better life by fostering our Chakras?