My style has become very minimal, boho, and feminine lately and has even influenced the interior I am dreaming up for my very near future home, I'm loving the rustic, country vibe with a modern twist and boho imperfect finishings. I can spend hours on Pinterest putting together boards and bringing my imagination to life.

I have been so inspired by some of the interior brands I have been discovering in Canada that I wanted to put together this blog post so you can discover them too because they need to be seen!! I am certain you won't be disappointed and will fall in love just as much as me. Whether we buy a home in Canada or in the UK I'll be definitely filling my home with these brands, they are also great for gift options.

1. Curio

Curio is owned by boss babe Kayla Rocca and is a small-batch ceramics brand hand-made with love. I have had the pleasure of working with Kayla as she is also a bomb-ass photographer. I actually had no idea she had such an amazing brand (super humble) and so when I discovered it I was pleasantly surprised.

Curio is a very unique brand with objects and vessels made from stoneware. Kayla's love for ceramics is inspired by unusual shapes, objects, and colors found in design, art, and nature. I am currently waiting for Kayla to announce when she is making her next batch so I can purchase a few items because it's a need! lol.

2. Ally Clays

Obsessed is an understatement. I have never actually seen a brand like this before and it screams unique. I feel like this brand is a real trendsetter when it comes to unusual pieces to decorate the home, in my opinion.

Ally hand-delivered my beautiful clay trays, I'm not sure if this is the usual protocol if you live in the Toronto area but I was super grateful and it added a real personal touch and made receiving them an experience. I'm so proud to have them on display in my home and I will definitely be buying more as they are great for jewelry or even smudge sticks. The colors are great and Earthy which is totally up my street. I don't believe Ally has a website just yet but will link her Instagram here. I honestly cant wait to see what the future holds for this brand.

3. RL Accessories

This brand is basically everything I dreamed of and more, my Pinterest board right in front of my eyes. I couldn't believe it when I found this brand on Etsy. RL accessories is a brand owned by Rosa Loiero and are handmade vintage home decor most of which I believe is made out of paper Mâiché. The detail and rustic imperfect feel are so beautifully breathtaking that it transports you to somewhere like Bali or Morocco and I know we are all trying to be on holiday right now.

A percentage of all sales are donated to the Epilepsy Foundation which is absolutely fantastic and a great incentive to purchase from this brand. I will link the brands Etsy here

4. Iridescence Crystal

I have been searching for the perfect incense holder for a while and came across this brand on Etsy. I think the photo does this incense holder no justice and it is so much more beautiful in person, beautifully carved. If you are into crystals and all that good stuff this Etsy shop has a good range of things for your spiritual needs and to curate a sacred space.

5. KQK

This brand is designed and founded by Karen Quirion. This brand has such a luxury feel without the overwhelming price tag and I love that because it makes it attainable for most of us, we all get to have a piece of luxury in our home with KQK. I loved reading about the brand they truly immersed me. it quoted "KQK’s founder and designer Karen Quirion constantly redefines her craft through the deconstruction of shapes and the experimentation of colors and material to translate emotions. Very much inspired by the contrast between brutalist architectural and romanticized nature" ugh I loovvveee it. KQK does everything from clothing to accessories but it is truly the ceramics that sold the brand to me, it truly did evoke emotion. shop the brand here

6. Caitlin Prince Ceramics

Caitlin is an artist and ceramicist based in Vancouver. her work is so so beautiful, with its unique curves. I love the bigger pieces that she makes they are such incredible statement pieces, perfect for your home. This brand is definitely on my radar when I finally get my forever home. You can see more of Caitlin's work here.

I would love to know if you know of any small unique brands in Canada because I love discovering them and supporting them where possible. Hit me up on Insta or send me an email if you are a Canadian brand, male or female that would like to be on my radar.