Apart from the minus thirty weather, Canada is a place I would love to call home. myself and hubby are nature babies, we love the outdoors and we love traveling so when deciding where to temporarily immigrate to, it really was a no-brainer, not only is Canada full of the most beautiful landscapes but there is a world of uncovered opportunity. I feel like Canada is underestimated, it's so much more than snow and Drake :-).

At first, I was going to head to Canada on a solo trip, I've always wanted to live abroad and when it comes to traveling I'm usually a person that just goes for it because I have such a passion and desire to see the world, every time I travel a little bit more of my character is built and I love that. My solo trip idea quickly turned into a duo trip after we got married and I was elated when Chris said that we should just go for it and take the opportunity. We applied for the International Experience Canada entry option, it was costly but it is a great investment. The process of obtaining our Visa took about 4 months which compared to most was quite speedy, we also got our visa's on the same day whereas many couples have said they received their's months apart, so we just felt like it was meant to be.

Canada is a great option if you love America and London, I feel like it's right in between the two, and let us not skim over the fact that as black people we needed a place we were going to feel comfortable, so far we haven't experienced anything alarming, in fact since coming to Canada I realized how far behind the UK is in being inclusive but that is a whole other blog post on its own.

We had the option to move anywhere in Canada with our visa and we chose Toronto, it's a young, buzzing, growing city with diverse culture and so much opportunity that I don't think anyone would expect. Both I and Chris chose Toronto in the hopes of furthering our careers and investing in our future, Toronto is booming when it comes to music, film, and fashion but again still growing so bringing our years of expertise to a growing industry is really working in our favor. Before arriving I tried my luck at applying to be represented by Next Models Canada, after years of hearing no from the big agencies I wasn't very optimistic but what did I have to lose shooting my shot. Finally, a yes! they said yes! I couldn't contain my excitement, it just felt as though everything was aligning for me.

The property scene is growing rapidly here and when seeing what we could potentially get for our money we automatically had love heart eyes, now that our daughter is Canadian, it is more likely that we will want to potentially have some investment here for her so she has the option of coming back to her country whenever she wishes.

Let's talk healthcare! We heard amazing things about the healthcare system in Canada before arriving and we have not been disappointed, I think its ranked top 20 in the world but don't quote me. Healthcare in Canada is free as long as your eligible for a health card, which we were able to get fast-tracked due to Covid. I am not sure if its because the population is so small in comparison to the country itself, but the way they handle the healthcare system here is second to none, I was so fortunate to have been able to have my baby here, I never felt as though I wasn't being taken care of even during Covid.

Overall, I don't think myself or Chris will be going back to the UK the same people, not because we became parents during our time here but it's only been a year and Canada has truly shown us the quality of life that is it out there, a quality of life that we often talk about and wish for.

Despite Covid, this was one of the best decisions we ever made, I still have hope that we will be able to have the full Canadian experience before we head back home.

I'll do a full step by step of how to obtain your visa in another blog post.


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